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Success with AI-Powered Solutions

In the demanding world of last-mile delivery, our AI-powered solutions help you identify top drivers, streamline recruitment, and build a high-performing workforce.

Find and retain top drivers with our AI-powered recruitment solutions.


Navigating the complexities of last-mile delivery in today's demanding market requires a strategic approach to driver recruitment. Our AI-powered solutions provide you with the tools and insights you need to identify, attract, and retain the best talent in the industry.


Our comprehensive suite of AI-driven recruitment tools streamlines the hiring process, enabling you to reach a wider pool of qualified candidates, accurately assess their skills and experience, and automate time-consuming tasks, freeing up your HR team to focus on building a high-performing workforce.

Strategic Driver Sourcing with AI Technology
Advanced AI Screening Tool in Action


Traditional screening methods for last-mile driver recruitment often fall short, relying solely on resumes and cover letters, which can be subjective and time-consuming to review. 


Our AI-powered screening tool goes beyond these limitations, using natural language processing (NLP) to deeply analyze candidate resumes and cover letters, extracting key skills, experience, and sentiment indicators.


This advanced technology enables us to identify candidates who not only possess the necessary qualifications but also exhibit a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the role.


In the dynamic world of last-mile delivery, where efficiency and productivity are paramount, administrative tasks like scheduling interviews and onboarding new hires can often become bottlenecks.


Our AI-powered scheduling and onboarding platform seamlessly automates these time-consuming processes, freeing up your valuable HR resources to focus on more strategic initiatives that drive business growth.


By eliminating the need for manual scheduling and onboarding tasks, our AI-powered solution streamlines the recruitment process, enabling you to bring new talent onboard quickly and efficiently, ensuring a seamless transition for both the company and the new hires.

Efficient Scheduling and Onboarding Platform

Client Stories

Explore the transformative stories of trucking companies powered by Last Mile Driver Recruiting's (LMDR) AI-driven solutions.


These highlights feature how our platform has positively impacted the businesses of our clients by streamlining the driver recruitment process.

Atlas Trucking Co. faced the industry-wide challenge of driver shortage. Partnering with LMDR, they utilized our AI-driven sourcing and onboarding solutions, leading to a 50% reduction in hiring time and a significant drop in recruitment costs.

Client: Atlas Trucking

Our platform's efficiency not only filled their ranks with qualified drivers but also optimized their operational workflow, increasing their delivery capacity and customer satisfaction.

Year: 2023

This has resulted in increased operational efficiency, reduced turnover rates, and enhanced compliance with industry regulations, marking a new era of growth and stability in the trucking sector.

Industry: dry Van

With the challenge of high turnover in long-haul trucking, Horizon Haulage turned to LMDR's innovative AI solutions.

Client: Horizon Haulage

The implementation of our intelligent screening and automated scheduling systems allowed for a rapid yet thorough onboarding process, attracting drivers who are not only technically adept but who also resonate with Horizon's core values and vision. 

Year: 2023

This strategic alignment led to a remarkable 40% boost in driver retention, enhanced job satisfaction among recruits, and a notable uptick in logistical efficiency.

Industry: local hauling

Summit Freight Solutions faced a bottleneck in expanding their fleet due to the intricate demands of matching drivers with specific endorsements and experience levels.

Client: Summit Freight Solutions

By partnering with LMDR, they accessed a broad spectrum of candidates through our precision AI-driven sourcing. The result was a swift increase in qualified hires, translating to a 30% growth in their operational capacity.

Year: 2023

Summit's alliance with LMDR not only streamlined their recruitment cycle but also fortified their commitment to safety and reliability, ultimately enhancing their competitive edge in the logistics market.

Industry: Reefer

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