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Our Story

Our mission is ambitious yet clear: to empower one million drivers. We're on a journey to revolutionize driver recruitment by sourcing, screening, scheduling, and retaining the finest drivers quickly and affordably. Our innovative technology and consultative approach are the cornerstones of our strategy, ensuring carriers are matched with safe and competent drivers.


This not only streamlines the transportation system but also amplifies economic opportunities for drivers.

Our Team

Levy Nolan Rivers

CEO / Founder

Nolan's dedication to connecting top-tier drivers with leading carriers has not only spurred our company's growth but also significantly uplifted drivers' lives and propelled industry-wide advancement.

AI-Powered Solutions for Driver Recruitment

Our Approach

At Last Mile Driver Recruiting, we seamlessly blend advanced AI technology with expert insights to revolutionize driver recruitment. Our process is agile and precise, focusing on the perfect alignment between drivers and carriers.


We prioritize efficiency, safety, and satisfaction, ensuring every placement is not just a job filled, but a step towards a thriving community of empowered drivers.

Us in Numbers


Faster Hiring


Save More Money


Better Drivers


Work Smarter

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