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Discover the Future of Recruitment with LMDR

Unleash AI-powered candidate sourcing to identify top talent.  Go beyond keyword matching to find the perfect fit for your company.

Find Drivers

AI-powered interview screening lets you focus on top candidates.

Eliminate the guesswork with comprehensive candidate assessments.

Qualify Drivers

Diverse Group of Professional Drivers

AI-powered onboarding streamlines the process, freeing HR to focus on strategy.  Automate tasks like scheduling training, assigning mentors, and sending welcome emails.

Onboard Drivers

The Spark: A Vision for

AI-Powered Recruitment

The seeds of Last Mile Driver Recruiting were sown amidst the growing realization that traditional recruitment methods were failing to keep pace with the soaring demand for professional drivers. The industry was grappling with an aging workforce, a decline in interest in transportation careers, and a lack of effective tools to identify and engage qualified candidates.

The Story of LMDR

Recruit qualified cargo van drivers for your last-mile deliveries in urban and suburban areas.

Cargo Van Drivers

Enlist experienced Class A CDL drivers to handle your long-haul transportation needs.

Class A CDL Drivers

Tap into a pool of qualified Class B CDL drivers for your last-mile delivery needs.

Class B CDL Drivers

Find experienced Sprinter van drivers to handle your last-mile deliveries with larger cargo needs.

Sprinter Van Drivers

Secure experienced flatbed truck drivers to transport your goods efficiently.

Flatbed Truck Drivers

We Help Hire


Team of Professionals Discussing Driver Recruitment Strategies


Our AI-powered sourcing tool identifies and connects with top drivers across all channels, expanding your candidate reach and streamlining your recruitment process.


Our AI-powered screening tool analyzes resumes and cover letters to identify the best candidates for your open positions.

Recruitment Team Analyzing Driver Applications


Our AI-powered platform streamlines the scheduling and onboarding process, freeing up your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

Last mile has been a great company that is most of all professional, helpful and organized. Working with them would be a choice made for the best interests of both parties!!


I am a small motor carrier and this was my first time looking for a driver through a recruiter.  I definitely plan to continue using Last Mile to fill my seats as I continue to grow!


Great experience with Last Mile Recruiting. Nolan is patient and extremely knowledgeable within the transportation sector.





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Our Clients

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